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Josephine Garner

CEO Super Investment Ideas.

Jo 002 About UsJosephine Garner, our Property Investment Strategist has been working full time in Property for over 25 years. Josephine personally owns multiple investment properties and has seen the way Real Estate, especially investment Real Estate, has changed over the years. Josephine understands the difference between the type of property that you live in and the ones you invest in. Having also sold investment properties all over the country, she can explain in very simple terms why different regions are better for investing than others, and why these regions change from time to time. Josephine is not the type of person who avoids contact from our customers and has all of her contact details freely available on our website. Take the time to call her and get to know the difference between her and the rest of the agents out there.

David da Silva

B. Bus (Admin) AFAIM
Assessment Services Manager

David Da Silva21 About UsDavid has considerable management experience in the public & private sector including the establishment and operation of an International Business College and an education consulting service for private colleges. He has a Bachelor of Business from Charles Sturt University and is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. As the Assessment Services Manager, David is responsible for sharing the concepts of wealth creation, training & administration.


Dianne da Silva

Certificate IV Training & Assessment
Property Strategist

DiannedaSilva2 About UsDianne has been investing in real estate since 1993. She began investing in property in order to assist family members & very quickly realised its potential for creating wealth. Initially Dianne trained as a nurse, completing her Bachelor of Nursing at Flinders University of South Australia. Following her entry into the property investment market she gained considerable industry experience from her friend & mentor Josephine Garner.