Income for life

When looking at creating an investment protfolio, the first thing you need to ascertain is, “What am I trying to achieve?”
It may seem like a rhetorical question but your investment portfolio should work ‘hand in hand’ with the rest of your life and retirement planning. You may want to set your portfolio to achieve a lump sum at retirement or you may want a vehicle that gives you an ongoing income for life.
Depending on what you want to achieve, changes how a successful strategist will position your initial portfolio and the growth or modifications that will be occuring during the life of your plan.
There are many ‘Investment Companies’ that really only have one solution, ‘Negative Gear’ and reduce your tax. For many people this strategy works well and Super Investment Ideas certainly agrees with Negative Gearing being a successful way of increasing wealth for retirement or later life; but what do you do if you have a good income but have a smaller amount of available spending each week?
What if you have an investment property already? When should you sell or renovate?. Does your Finance company have a strong understanding of Real Estate or does your Real Estate Company really understand Finance? It is very uncommon for companies to understand both. Normally companies who have both are developers who are trying to sell their own developments exclusively and may not be impartial.


There are solutions and Super Investment Ideas has them.

We don’t sell our own developments so we are impartial and are happy to deal with your accountant or solicitor for your peace of mind.
We have experience dealing with General Consumers (mums and dads), small and large corporate accounts and even publicly elected officials. All this means that there is probably no situation we are not familiar with.
If you want to deal with experienced people, who have a proven track record in success, it is strongly recommended that you contact Super Investment Ideas.
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