12th December, 2010

I have worked all my life and put everything back into my small business this was to be my retirement as I intended to sell the business giving me my retirement fund.  I have always paid the employee superannuation entitlements but never myself.  I have now learnt that I should pay my own superannuation 10% of my income into my own self managed superannuation fund.  With the financial crisis and the downturn in business I find my net worth to be very little that is even if I could sell my business.

I was contacted by Super Investment Ideas recently and I am pleased to say that I now have my own Self Managed Super Fund which is growing with the help of Super Investment Ideas guidance.

They have done everything for me and the best part is that no one can touch my super not even my creditors.  I have minimised my tax by paying into myself managed superannuation fund   and look forward to being in a position to purchasing a property in the next 12 months.  Josephine has even helped me with the marketing of my small business and budgets to keep me going.  Her favourite saying is never look back plan and always look forward and you will be successful.
I am now looking forward to my retirement with peace of mind.

Thank you

Paul Jones

4th March, 2011
I recently attended a Super Investment Ideas work shop, I normally don’t attend this type of seminar nor do I like telemarketers and therefore never had the exposure to what is happening out there. My friends had been to a information night and were excited as to how they could control their own superannuation monies having lost so much recently in the share market. They referred me on to Josephine Garner and we attended a Super Investment Ideas workshop.

I now have peace of mind if my business goes down or someone wants to take legal action against me I still have my superannuation as no one can take this away from me. Josephine organised for me to have a self managed superannuation fund set up for me.

I wish I would have started earlier why didn’t my accountant tell me and best of all I only pay 15% tax on my super contribution I am not only creating a retirement fund but I am minimising my tax.

I have an investment property portfolio and growing, being created with little financial input from me and when I sell within the regulations set out I will not pay capital gains but what I do have now is the security of retirement knowing I will be financially sound having invested in property with Super Investment Ideas.

Thank you Josephine for your help.

John Corpus

5th May, 2011

My husband and I recently went through a major financial crisis up here in Ipswich due to the floods.

Not only did my home flood but Alan lost his job at the factory. We were already behind in our mortgage payments and trying to catch up. This was the last straw, we lost all our belongings had no where to live and no job.

I was speaking with a friend of mine who told me that Super Investments Ideas has helped them out when they fell behind in their mortgage and the bank was taking their property. Josephine from Super Investment Ideas organised for them to access there employee superannuation to pay the mortgage payments until they got back on their feet.

I phone Super Investment Ideas and Josephine organised everything for us even to assisting us to apply for the flood relief from the Government so we could start rebuilding our home. Alan found a job, I went back to work and we are still struggling but we have set goals, a budget in place and looking forward to achieving them . I am sure Josephine will be keeping an eye on us so we don’t stray.

We have also now organised for our Superannuation employee contributions to be paid into our own self managed super fund which has been organised by Super Investment Ideas . We are in control and don’t have to wait for a national superannuation company to go through their red tape and make my life harder than it was as the application to the Government and then the employee superannuation fund was more than one should have had to do.

We have learnt so much from Josephine and look forward to purchasing an investment property in the future either through our superannuation fund or just negative gearing.

Once again thank you Josephine and the team at Super Investment Ideas

Alan and Cheryl Frost